HAIRETIKOS by Francesco Poli

Hairetikos (Ηαιρετικοσ) from the Greek “able to choose” refers to someone who chooses against dogmatic thinking. Hairetikos is the title of the 2001 cycle of works by Alessandro Bulgini, performances, pictures, photographs and installations, various tools, acts of opposition against a truth considered absolute, attempts to indicate something beyond the visible.Two dimensions coexist in Bulgini’s work, two dimensions that never come into contact; the presence of one excludes the other. The viewer can penetrate two parallel worlds, like a medium able to make contact with the invisible. On the canvas, the abstraction of the shining and reflective black monochrome, and the depiction in its most ancient guise; in performance, differentiating the subject from what surrounds it; in installations, the attempts at disappearance, different means of speaking of laterality, of what is other, diverse, of what and who are beyond and the possibility to see them.

cat. Gran Torino, Frost Art Museum, Miami, usa